Coming Soon: The Portland Foodcart Book!

Foodcarts are all the rage these days, in Portland and elsewhere, and just as the wave is cresting, there’s a book about it! Or, there will be very soon.
Check out Cartopia: Portland’s Foodcart Revolution. It’s not so much a guidebook as it is “documenting – through stories and photography – the perfect storm of Portland’s independent culture, artisan economy, and foodie scene that created the street food revolution.” In other words, it’s about the big picture: the food, people, architecture, economy, urban planning, and the social scene.

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That Whole “Contact” Thing

I am occasionally exposed to the smell of weed, and often to the sight and smell of booze. And usually there’s a little voice in my head that says, “Let’s get some of that!”

To that voice, I say, “It makes sense that you would want that, and I understand, but for right now I’m going to choose not to.” And I accept that I will hear from that little voice again.

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“Have I Become Too Busy?”

My share on the Recovery Pipeline

Man, this one hits close to home! I realized this morning I haven’t meditated in a week, am constantly running around, and yet always feel behind.

I am addicted to “busy-ness,” and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what I am avoiding. Whenever somebody asks what I would do without all this stuff to do, I say exercise, meditate, read, write, spend quality time with friends — all GREAT stuff.