Coming Soon: The Portland Foodcart Book!

Foodcarts are all the rage these days, in Portland and elsewhere, and just as the wave is cresting, there’s a book about it! Or, there will be very soon.
Check out Cartopia: Portland’s Foodcart Revolution. It’s not so much a guidebook as it is “documenting – through stories and photography – the perfect storm of Portland’s independent culture, artisan economy, and foodie scene that created the street food revolution.” In other words, it’s about the big picture: the food, people, architecture, economy, urban planning, and the social scene.

 I was happy to have been one of several contributors, and I also had a chance to interview the two women who produced the book, Kelly Rodgers and Kelley Roy. (And yes, their company is Roy Rodgers LLC) They were guests on my podcast #13.
The book is due around November 1, and there will be some kind of launch party. You can also pre-order copies here, read book excerpts here, and check out some of the amazing photography here. And, of course, there’s a Facebook page, as well!
So get out there and eat at a cart, and get ready for the Defining Food Cart Book of Our Generation!