Meet Paul Gerald

Paul Gerald

So, who am I?

Well, we could go by craft and say writer. Or traveler. Or hiker. English soccer nut. Former Portland Breakfast Guy. All true.

We could get all spiritual and say I came from the light into this human experience in order to displace darkness with light. Also true.

Professionally, I am a freelance writer, author, and publisher. I’ve written for The Oregonian and Willamette Week, and I’ve done something like 300 travel and food articles for the Memphis Flyer. I write hiking and camping guidebooks for Menasha Ridge Press and Wilderness Press, and I wrote and published an all-breakfast guide to Portland called Breakfast in Bridgetown. I am the owner et al of Bacon and Eggs Press, an assumed business name of Second Cup Productions LLC. I am Second Cup Productions. And here’s why I call it Second Cup Productions.

There’s all sorts of links on this site to stuff I’ve written.

These days I also am the Marketing and Travel Editor for Embark Adventures, which is to say I write copy for the website and help out on lots of other stuff. I also lead trips for them. For example: Hiking and Touring in Tuscany in September 2015. I’m also working on books about the Portland Heritage Trees and English soccer.

So I’m busy. And I still try to get out and go hiking or get on the road.

My goal remains the same: go to interesting places, do interesting things, meet interesting people, and then tell the story.