Composting Character Defects

I love how Caroline Casey talks about composting and insists on positive talk, like “have your back” rather than “hold your feet to the fire.”

I’ve been thinking more about this composting thing with the 6th Step. What if “character assets” are just “character defects” without the ego attached? Here’s a quick try:

lying (control, fear, dishonesty) turned into storytelling (truth-telling to enrich lives)

co-dependence (fetishizing others’ thoughts about us) turned into empathy (awareness of others to foster compassion)
stealing (immediate self-gratification, selfishness) turned into sharing (spreading goodness around to benefit others)
So maybe we just need to practice these egoless assets as much as we can, get into the new habits. Hmm. Maybe that’s 6th Step work. We just have to start with the judgement-free self-awareness (with reflective helpers) to know which we’re doing. Hmmmmm.

I think I’ll try it with this list of character defects.