Portland Outdoorsy News: Larch Mountain Road open, Sandy River Delta closed.

Just a couple of news items from the Oregonian I thought I’d share.

One is that the road to Larch Mountain, one of the great  viewpoints in the Columbia River Gorge, is now open. The view of the Gorge and Mount Hood  from up there is pretty stupendous, and it’s  a great place to go see the city lights on a clear, moonless night. I think we get one or two of those each year.

Lewis and Clark Recreation Area in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

The other piece of news is that the Sandy River Delta, aka Lewis and Clark State Recreation Area, is closing June 11-15 so they can build a new trailhead. It’s a pretty cool place to go for a walk, and if you have a dog, I am  sure you already know this.

The Sandy River delta, by the way, will be featured in my new book this fall, Peaceful Places in Portland.