Brunch at Sweedeedee: Great Food, but ….

Adorable Sweedeedee -- screen door and all.
Adorable Sweedeedee — screen door and all.

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast weekend I had a chance to eat brunch at Sweedeedee, in North Portland. It’s an insanely cute little place, and I had heard many good things about the food. Jen Stevenson, of Under the Table with Jen, said something like “favorite place ever.”

But I (in fact, we) have a serious reservation about the place. We’ll get to that.

First, it couldn’t be more Portland, from the screen door to the pies, the wood floors to the jars in windows, the iPad register, the pickled carrots, and the young folks running it. Adorable little place.

And it is little, like with 20something seats, tops. And herein lies the rub, for my money. We got there and got in line to order, but all the tables were filled. It seemed odd to place an order when there’s no place to sit, but I was told, “By the time your food comes out a table will come up.”

For the record, that did happen…

So maybe I’m just being grumpy. But why take my order if there’s no place to sit? Why create the anxiety of me (along with many others) standing around, waiting for food, while vulturing over tables? There’s also no designated waiting area, so you’re literally hovering over others while they eat.

Meanwhile, you take what tables you can. I saw a party of four crammed around what should be a two-top, I saw someone standing at the counter, with their plate between her two seated friends … what’s the point? Why not seat us, then take our order? We’ll wait.

Alright, like I said, a table opened up, and we grabbed it, with three other parties hovering around. End of complaining.

What came out, a while later, was two little plates of perfectly-matched breakfast heaven. They, like the place, were adorable! I got the corncakes with eggs, bacon and greens. Why more restaurants in Portland don’t offer a little sweet-and-savory variety plate like this is beyond me

north portland brunch sweedeedee
Corncakes, eggs, bacon and greens at Sweedeedee

My friend got a breakfast plate (sorry, don’t remember the name, and they haven’t posted their menu online) with bacon, egg, salad, cheese, pear, bread and marmalade. All delightful.


The bacon was perfectly crisp, my eggs were just as I like ’em, and in short everything was yummy — except for the logistics. Many of the reviews on Yelp mention this, as well, so I think it isn’t just me. We were there on a Sunday around 9, and it was packed. Not sure what it’s like during the week.

So, the bottom line: cute place, great food, hassle seating. Or I’m an old fart.

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