Portland Breakfast Book Updates

Portland breakfast
This isn’t from Portland – just wanted to get your attention!

These between-holiday days have been productive here at the Portland Breakfast Empire. While I’ve been eating breakfasts like this one here in Memphis, I have also been thinking of Portland breakfast places, and specifically the planning work for the third edition of my Portland breakfast book.

Portland Breakfast Book
My lovely breakfast book (click to buy a copy)

A big part of that is checking what has changed since the second edition, and that results in a page on my breakfast blog that lists updates to the book. That is now up to date.

The other thing I do is keep track of all the websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds for Portland breakfast places. I keep that list here.

And I have a Twitter list called PDXBreakfastPlaces that now has 94 places on there. Subscribe to that, and you’ll be inundated with news from Portland breakfast places.

By the way, to keep up with me as “The Breakfast Guy,” you have a few options:

Okay, see you soon for breakfast, Portland!

Yummy New Portland Brunch: Verde Cocina in the Pearl

Portland Brunch Verde Cocina 1
Chilaquiles at Verde Cocina

Here is reason #43 why the whole “all the good Portland brunch places have long lines” thing is a total myth: The new Verde Cocina location in the Pearl District.

That delicious-looking (and tasting) delight above is the chilaquiles from a recent brunch. It’s a perfect Portland place, too, with a cool location, fresh local ingredients, and pleasant staff serving it all up. Just yumminess all over.

I wrote up a whole review of it, with more pictures, on my Portland breakfast blog. Check it out.