Jam on Hawthorne: A Portland Breakfast Place Grows Up

Portland Breakfast: Jam on Hawthorne
Portland Breakfast place: Jam on Hawthorne

Over on my Breakfast in Bridgetown blog, I have posted another review of a Portland breakfast place. In this case, it’s a return trip to Jam on Hawthorne, which I visited a couple years ago while writing my book filled with Portland breakfast places.

All I remembered from before — and I actually had to read my book to remember! — is that it was a small place with nice people, so-so food, and ridiculous, amazing, dreamy lemon-ricotta pancakes, served with warm house-made blueberry compote. Mmmm.

Portland Breakfast: Jam on Hawthorne
Jam’s lemon-ricotta pancakes with warm blueberry compote. Mmmmm.

I also remembered that I couldn’t come up with anything clever to say about it while writing my Portland breakfast guidebook, so I wound up comparing it to … well, Billy Joel. Lame, I know. The idea was they had one really good thing (pancakes = “Piano Man”) and the rest was just okay.

Well, Jam has grown up, improved, and become one of the most popular places on the Portland breakfast scene. And the food has gotten better, too.

For the whole review, with even more yummy food pictures, head on over to my Portland breakfast blog.