Downtown Portland Breakfast News:
“Hatch” from Killer Burger Coming March 1

Looks like we downtown Portland breakfast eaters won’t have to wait long to get back to equilibrium.

Walking around my work neighborhood, I spotted this sign on the window of the former Morning Star Cafe, SW 3rd and Morrison:

downtown portland breakfast
New downtown Portland breakfast place, coming soon.

I dug around on the Facebook page for Killer Burger, and found out they intend to open March 1. I haven’t been to Killer Burger, though their menu is intriguing. Peanut butter pickle bacon burger? That sounds kinda gross, actually. Of course, I have to eat one to find out.

More details as they come around.

By the way, the Morning Star, which closed over the holidays, is basically saying there will be a new restaurant somewhere, sometime. On their Facebook page there is a link to a newsletter called “I want to hear about the new restaurant!