Starting on the Step 3 Workbook

Step 3 workbook

Back into the workbook on a gray, rainy day:

Look up the words, write out the definitions that you find to be significant, and write what each word means to you.

  • Decision: Something somebody has chosen, firmness in choosing something, process of choosing. These three things go together well: I am choosing something, based firmly in my truth, and I am always in the process of making a decision. Even when I think I didn’t make a decision, like when an external event occurs, I still decide how to respond, and that process can be brought into the light so I can see which (un)truth I am basing my decision on.
Meditation on step 3
  • Will: Part of the mind that makes decisions, the power to decide, the process of making decisions, determination, desire, something that somebody wants to happen. These all go together to shed light on the process of me exercising a power I possess to try to create what I want in the world. So if I look at what I have, I can see what I want, which is based on what I believe.
  • Acceptance: Agreement to invitation or offer, act of willingly taking gift, willingness to believe, coming to terms with something. I like the “offer” aspect of this one. Life offers me a reality which I can willingly accept and come to terms with, but if I decide not to, that doesn’t change the reality or the offer. I can decide to pursue my will even when it’s out of acceptance with reality – but I will suffer.
  • Faith: Belief or trust, trust in God, loyalty, without despair, without demanding proof. To me, this goes back to acceptance, in that I don’t insist that life conforms to what I want or believe (my will), but rather I choose to accept reality, to believe and trust in a greater/higher reality than mine, then align my will with that reality. This way, my decisions are based in reality and God’s will.