Portland Hikes: Tryon Creek State Park

If you’re looking for an easy, close-in hike that gives you a nice dose of nature in the city, Tryon Creek State Park in Southwest Portland is a fine choice.

This is especially true around early April, when the trilliums bloom.

But at any time, really, Tryon is a nice place to visit. In winter there are steelhead in the creek, in spring there are flowers, in summer it’s a cool and shady place to retreat, and in fall there are colors. All year, you’ve got wildlife, plenty of easy hiking options, and a group, Friends of Tryon Creek, that hosts walks and talks and events all year. The highlight is the Trillium Festival the first weekend of April.

The park, which can get crowded on weekends, is only a 15-minute drive from Pioneer Square. off Terwilliger Blvd. near Lewis and Clark College. Here’s a Google map of the location.

From there, just grab a free map in the visitors center (or grab one from the Friends’ site), ask about any programs going on, check the board for recent critter sightings, and then off you go. I suggest you try to get to the Terry Riley Bridge, the Iron Mountain Bridge, the High Bridge, and the Cedar Trail. Those are all my favorites, but really, you should go look for yourself!

Here is a photo gallery from my recent April hike at Tryon. Always a nice day in the woods!

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