The Podcast Returns! And Other Portland Breakfast News

In my role as the Portland Breakfast Guy, I review Portland breakfast places, share news from the breakfast world … oh, and write a breakfast guidebook.

I also, once again, create a podcast all about Portland breakfast! Hooray podcast!

Olympic Provisions Portland Brunch
The kielbasa hash at Olympic Provisions, discussed at length in my breakfast podcast.

Episode 1 of the new, improved “Breakfast in Bridgetown” show is now online, over at my breakfast blog. You can listen to it right here, and/or you can subscribe to it in iTunes. That way, every two weeks when I put up a new one, you’ll get it automatically. Cool, huh? The first show includes an interview with the chef from Olympic Provisions, which has a great weekend brunch in Northwest and Southeast Portland, and also a chat with Amy from

Each week on the show I will follow the same basic format: Interview somebody from a local breakfast place, share some news from the breakfast world, and then interview another author and/or blogger who writes about the local food scene. Good times.

portland food cart downtown breakfast brunch box
Brunch Box, the food cart, is now also Brunch Box, the restaurant.

Speaking of Portland breakfast news, I also shared some in a recent post on my breakfast blog, including the news that Brunch Box, a downtown food cart that’s been doing breakfast for a while, now has a restaurant at 620 SW 9th Ave. Other openings and closings are also discussed.

Another possible closing or re-design is over at Bakery Bar in Northeast, where new owners came in, hired their family, and laid off the whole staff. This was confirmed and discussed on my Breakfast in Bridgetown Facebook Page.

And finally, with all the awesome weather coming around, I put up a list of the best places in Portland to eat breakfast or brunch outside. Enjoy.

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