The New Portland Breakfast Book is Almost Here!

The new, updated Third Edition of Breakfast in Bridgetown is almost here!


The book is at the printer, and I expect to have stock in hand by the middle of May. But you can pre-order your signed copy now, get free shipping until May 20, and if you use the coupon code BACON get another $5 off.

There are some new things in this edition which I think you’ll dig:

  • 37 new breakfast places since the last edition!
  • Full descriptions of all the downtown hotel restaurants
  • An expanded breakfast cart section
  • Even more out-of-town destinations
  • A whole section on gluten-free breakfast
  • A sweet new cover and design from the talented people at Indigo.


In addition to all that, I have an exciting new partnership with Hashcapades: The Art of the Perfect Hash Adventure. We are the Portland Brunch Experts, and Hashcapades author Clark Haass contributed his list of the 10 best hashes in Portland to my new third edition.

Clark even has an awesome Hash Finder on his website, so wherever you go in the world, you’re never far from the perfect hash.

Pre-Order Breakfast in Bridgetown Today

Remember, the free shipping offer ends on May 20, and the coupon code BACON gets you $5 off in addition to that! So hop on over and pre-order your signed copy of Breakfast in Bridgetown today.

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