Latest Portland Breakfast Bulletin: News, Reviews, and … A Trip to Tuscany?

Downtown Portland brunch place Mama Mia has an awesome Prosciutto Benedict
Want to know where to get this Benedict? Read my Breakfast Bulletin!

The latest Breakfast Bulletin, my every-two-weeks newsletter, came out last week. Included is the usual mix of breakfast news and reviews with other tidbits from my world, which includes hikingtravel, and spiritual ramblings.

This Bulletin has:

  • Openings and closings from the breakfast world
  • Reviews of local breakfast places
  • The best hike to do on Mount Hood right now
  • Current conditions and news for area hikes
  • and a fabulous hiking and eating trip to Tuscany in 2014.

Read it all right here. And you can subscribe to the Bulletin here. Starting this month, I will give away a free book to a new subscriber in every Bulletin.