Peaceful Places: Portland featured in the Oregonian

Peaceful Places in Portland
Peaceful Places: Portland

I really didn’t know what folks would think of my new book, Peaceful Places in Portland, but they seem to dig it! The Oregonian did a nice piece on it this weekend, focusing on the shopping angle. It’s called Peaceful Places Portland offers holiday shoppers quiet moments.” It was actually on the cover of the Living section!

I also did a thing for the paper’s travel section recently, called Quiet jaunts for jangly Portlanders. And I was on KBOO radio as well as KATU’s Am Northwest.

All in all, very cool; I am quite grateful. Sadly, though, I am temporarily out of books on my web store. If you want to get a copy, check out

If you want to follow along, I set up a Facebook page and Twitter feed for the book, as well.