Media Love for Peaceful Places: Portland

Peaceful Place in Portland

Folks are really digging my new book, Peaceful Places: Portland. It’s quite gratifying, as I had a hard time writing it and still didn’t really know what people would think of it. All in all, they seem to dig it.

The media, in particular, have picked up on it a lot.

First up, let’s share a link to my appearance on Pathways radio over at KBOO. The link is here, but if you hear a minute of silence at the beginning, that’s normal.

Next up is a piece I wrote — really just some excerpts from the book, from the Sunday Oregonian travel section. It’s called “Peaceful Jaunts for Jangly Portlanders.”

And finally, here’s the TV appearance, which is where Tinkerbell comes in. See, the guest on before me was a woman named Margaret Kerry, whom you’ve never heard of. But back in the 1950s, when they were drawing Tinkerbell, they needed a human to do all the moves so the animators would all draw the same thing. Enter Margaret Kerry, The Original Tinkerbell. She’s a delightful woman — you look at her and think, “My gosh, you are Tinkerbell!” — and she told me that she has this idea called a Wish Bowl. The idea is that if you have some unscheduled time, you reach into the Wish Bowl and do something to make a wish come true. So she said Peaceful Places: Portland is a little pink wish bowl. And I agree. What a perfect thing for Tinkerbell to say!

Here’s my segment from AM Northwest. And, for kicks, here is Tinkerbell’s.

A couple of behind-the-scenes shots: If you’ve ever wondered whether the Green Room is green … well, it is.

Peaceful Places Portland KATU
Chilling in the Green Room at KATU.

And if you wondered what it looks like from in front of the camera, here you go. Those little gift bags were funny: the audience was looking in them all the time, but at the end of my segment they suddenly did so on camera and had to act all surprised. And no, I didn’t get one.

Peaceful Places Portland KATU
Who’s on camera now?