Hiking and Climbing Adventure: Volcanoes of Ecuador

In August 2018 and January 2019, Embark Exploration Co. will offer a unique and exciting trip to go hiking, climbing, and cultural touring in the high country of Ecuador.

We will hike to nearly 17,000 feet on the slopes of Cotopaxi.
We will hike to nearly 17,000 feet on the slopes of Cotopaxi.

“Volcanoes of Ecuador” is a two-week adventure in which we will hike remote trails, visit cultures that date back to pre-Spanish days, and most of all, summit five volcanic peaks above 13,000 feet — one of them above 16,000 feet!

Here is a little snippet from Embark’s trip itinerary:

Imagine an area roughly 100 miles by 100 miles that stretches from the ocean to snow-capped mountains. Now fill it with Earth’s greatest diversity of life per square mile. Add layers of forest and jungle, then sprinkle it with volcanoes. Mix in nearly a dozen distinct languages and cultures. And now connect many of these attractions with trails and lodges that mix scenery, culture and comfort. This is adventure travel in Ecuador.

I am hoping I get to go on this trip, which we are calling an “exploratory” because it’s the first time Embark will offer it. This trip includes a visit to historic Colonial Quito, one of the first places to ever be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also includes native villages and markets, high alpine lakes, farm visits, and even cooking lessons!

Of course the peak, if you will, is getting on top of five Andean volcanoes — all peaks that are challenging due to the elevation, but which any person in good physical condition will be able to handle. And don’t worry, if you’re from Portland, we will be going on some hikes to get ready for this one!

Contact me if you’d like an itinerary for Volcanoes of Ecuador. An by the way, if trekking is more your style, check out my 2018 Nepal adventure trips, Mount Everest Base Camp (March) and Manaslu Circuit (October/November).