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I have been a professional travel writer for more than 15 years – but I don’t do much of the “standard” travel writing. I don’t get into the “perfect day in …” stuff or the “10 best…” things, unless somebody’s paying well, of course! My travel writing is more along the lines of “So I was in this place one time, and this funny/interesting/sweet thing happened.” I try to take the reader along with me on the road. Here you’ll find links to my various travel stories that are published online. Enjoy. And see you out on the road.

Latest Travel Article

  • Paul Gerald
  • December 10, 2010
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I still occasionally write travel articles for the Memphis Flyer, and the latest one was inspired by all the news regarding airport security. It’s called — and I’m afraid I came up with this headline — “Touch My Junk!”