More Trails and Tables of Tuscany

In April/May 2013, I will be leading a fabulous trip to Tuscany for the Mazamas, a Portland-based hiking club. It’s a combination of hiking, food and wine, and local culture and history.

To find out more about Mazamas Outings in general, and get the forms you need to apply for the trip, visit the Outings website. To read an article I wrote about hiking in Tuscany, click here. For an example of the way we’ll be eating, click here. For an introduction to our Tuscan guide, click here. And for a light-hearted take on Tuscan Time, click here.

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How I Chose Fulham

On my recent trip to England I decided to adopt an English Premier League soccer team to cheer for. I love the game, and I wanted to catch a match or two while I was there. And I’ll pay more attention, and care more, if I have my own team. So I chose one — and then I wrote an article for the Memphis Flyer about how and why, plus what it means.

A Hike in England

I still do a little travel writing for the Memphis Flyer, my former employer in my former hometown, and this week I had a report from a hike in the English countryside. Enjoy.

An Evening in Florence

Third night of the trip, and I can start to feel the groove settling in. It starts in little moments, like getting a macchiato entirely in Italian, tossing it back, then standing in the doorway for a moment to put my shades back on before plunging back into the river of people. Or find a cool new street to walk down on the way to the hotel. Or starting to figure out which part of town is which: students here, rich folks there, more Arab-sounding folks somewhere else.

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