Simple vs. Easy

Written in response to a testy, defensive newcomer online:

I didn’t meant to imply that quitting pot was easy. There’s “easy” and then there’s “simple.” What I was trying to say is that for me, thinking about the rest of my life leads to some pretty complex thinking that distracts me from the present moment. So, for me, a simpler path to sobriety is to just do it one day at a time. Sometimes, early on, I had to do it an hour at a time.

When I finally did quit, I didn’t immediately feel in control, and I still don’t necessarily think I have my shit together. I HAVE gotten some sanity in my relationship with pot. I understand that I’m an addict, which means sometimes I want to use, and that if I do use, a lot of bad things will happen. So I accept that I will occasionally want some, forgive myself for that, then make the decision not to use. It took me a while to get to that point, but it started with honesty and understanding and acceptance of myself and my situation. Sounds like you’re on the same path: you’re here, sharing honestly about how you feel. I’m happy to see that, and I pray you keep moving forward on the path.

Besides, if you didn’t smoke today, then you’re sober. Take a moment to congratulate yourself and feel some gratitude, if you haven’t already.