Ah, Progress


Listened to shows 149-151 tonight, and wanted to say thanks. You got right into my head and shone a positive light in there.

What I really connected with was the idea of how a simple life is so much better than what I used to do, and how practicing self-love sometimes just means being comfortable with myself, and recognizing with gratitude the progress I’ve made.

Funny how a subtle shift of focus and emphasis turns “bad” into “good” or just “as is.”

“My meditations lately have been really scattered” turns into “Hey, I meditate every day, even when it doesn’t seem magical.”

“I can’t keep up with all this work” turns into, with a few breaths, “I have some amazing work I get to do, and I’m the one who chose it, which means I can change it.”

“I am not as good at shamanic journeying as the other people in my group” is just a negativized version of “I am new at this amazing practice and surrounded by skilled teachers.”

“I am having such a nice Saturday evening at home, relaxing, cooking and enjoying a nice meal” is so much better than “I am alone on Saturday night, and that makes me sad.”

“What the hell is gonna happen on this MA hike tomorrow? Will everybody have a good time? Am I going to screw something up?” How about “I’m going hiking tomorrow with 10 recovery friends! And yeah, I sent the email, but I’m not in charge!”

Thanks, Kurt, for reminding me of the progress I’ve made, and how much closer I am to myself than ever before. And now I, too, shall go for a walk and to bed early.