Catching Up on Portland Breakfast Stuff

Just catching up a little on what I’ve been doing over on my Portland breakfast blog, BreakfastInBridgetown.

sen yai noodles southeast portland breakfast
Yep, that’s a breakfast – Asian style!

For one thing, I did a fun segment on a local podcast called In One Day Radio. You can listen to that here; I come on right around the 2:55 mark.

I’ve been working on the third edition of the the book, Breakfast in Bridgetown, and that means a lot of eating and a lot of writing. Some recent reviews include:

Open-face serrano ham sandwich at Ataula.

You can read all the breakfast reviews I do here.

I also do my best to track Portland breakfast news, such as openings and closings. For example, in one news post I reported on gospel brunches, Polish brunches, and a new location for a popular French bakery.

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Okay, I’ll see you at the tables!

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