What is “Peaceful Places in Portland”?

Peaceful Places in Portland is an idea — a quest, even. As I pursue that idea, I shall blog. And when I’ve found about 100 of them, I will make it into a book. That book will be published by Menasha Ridge Press in Fall, 2012. And it won’t be the first.

What’s a peaceful place? For our purposes here, they are in the following categories:

  • Enchanting Walks
  • Historic Sites
  • Museums/Galleries
  • Outdoor Habitats
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Quiet Tables
  • Reading Rooms
  • Scenic Vistas
  • Shops and Services
  • Spiritual Enclaves
  • Urban Surprises
  • Day Trips and Overnights

Got any suggestions for us? Please post a comment.

As I find them, I’ll occasionally mention them here. Maybe even share a draft chapter or two.

So stay tuned for the peace and quiet.