How to Entertain an 11-Year-Old

I put up a post on Facebook that got a lot of interest andresponses. And somebody suggested I compile the comments into a list. Thequestion was, “How do you entertain a bored 11-year-old?”

I have a “little” with Big Brothers Big Sisters, andsometimes we (I) run out of ideas. My Facebook friends came through in style,and Roman has come up with some winners, as well.

So, here we go:


Go karts and/or Bullwinkle’s
Board games, like at TaborSpaceCoffee
Build a model airplane or something. If a boy, build arocket you can shoot off.
Laser tag
Glowing Greens 3Dputt putt
Teach him map and compass
Photo scavenger hunt at Lloyd Mall (Roman came up with thisone!)
Learn to shop on a budget, like give him $10 at Dollar Treeand let him figure it out
Portland Timbers
WinterHawks hockey
Disc golf
Look for secret staircasesin NW Portland
Peacock Lane at Christmas
Check the Around theSun Blog for money-saving tips
Roller or ice skating
Oregon Zoo and the holiday Zoo Lights
Evergreen Museum has aviation stuff, a waterpark, and IMAX.
Anything else?