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I’m also a sober guy trying to make sense of the world. Click below for random observations on spirituality and recovery.

What does a Higher Power mean to you?

Higher Power

Some ramblings from working Step 2: Look up these words then write what the words mean to you. Believe: “Accept something as true, somebody as truthful, have trust.” To me, this means setting aside denial, fear and shame to allow in a “new” reality: that change can happen, growth is possible, happiness is attainable, for me. Restore: “Give something…

On Patience and Perspective

  • Paul Gerald
  • October 22, 2012
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Apparently the Universe wants me to learn about patience today. I’m looking for an apartment — and must practice patience with the reason I am leaving the old place, which boils down to my greed. Long story. I’ll spare you. The process itself of looking for an apartment … well, nothing brings up opportunities for…

More Thoughts on What I’m Supposed to be Doing

  • Paul Gerald
  • June 19, 2012
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A few days back, I asked folks “What can I do for you, professionally speaking.” And got some interesting responses, both here and on Facebook. After kicking it around myself, for a few days, I wrote this to a friend this evening: My gifts are storytelling and writing — two aspects of the same gift,…

Crazy Dream

Inspired, in part, by this interesting post on an otherwise kinda goofy site. I think what really drives all this frustration for me is the knowledge, deep down, that I am cluttering up my life with tasks and chores and ideals that don’t come from the Source. I keep hearing “Do what’s given you to do,…

Ah, Progress

Kurt, Listened to shows 149-151 tonight, and wanted to say thanks. You got right into my head and shone a positive light in there. What I really connected with was the idea of how a simple life is so much better than what I used to do, and how practicing self-love sometimes just means being…

Back From Retreat

Whew. I just spent three days and nights off the grid, and coming back is a rush. I won’t go into too much about what the retreat was, except that it was all about being alone with me. No phone, no podcasts, no book, no music, certainly no computer. The idea was just to remove…

A Few Words to a Sponsee

  • Paul Gerald
  • August 2, 2011
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Had some more thoughts on the way home, maybe more about myself than about you, figured I’d share anyway. So we say things like “I don’t have time to do (step work, meditation, exercise, whatever) because of all this stuff I have to do. And all the stuff I have to do is driving me…