On Acceptance

  • Paul Gerald
  • May 18, 2008
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Hi, folks. It’s already been said here very well, but acceptance is the point where recovery starts to happen. I could not get sober on my own. I couldn’t get sober until I came to MA. And I couldn’t come to MA until I accepted two things: that I had a serious problem with marijuana,…

Defining our Higher Power (part 2)

  • Paul Gerald
  • January 28, 2008
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I’ve been through a few versions of a higher power. The first was just the meeting I went to: whatever those folks were doing in there was obviously more powerful than anything I could come up with, since they were sober and I wasn’t. So that was a good start: turning it over meant going…

Why MA?

I’m Paul, and I’m an addict. I was lucky enough to live in a place where Marijuana Anonymous was pretty strong, and I plugged right in. I occasionally hit an NA meeting just for the scheduling, and I have no problem “translating.” What I am struggling with lately is being an old-timer. Most MA meetings…

Simple vs. Easy

  • Paul Gerald
  • January 9, 2008
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Written in response to a testy, defensive newcomer online: I didn’t meant to imply that quitting pot was easy. There’s “easy” and then there’s “simple.” What I was trying to say is that for me, thinking about the rest of my life leads to some pretty complex thinking that distracts me from the present moment….

A Word About Our Sponsors

  • Paul Gerald
  • January 2, 2008
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Just shared this in an online meeting: I am glad to see the topic of sponsors today. I went to see my family for the holidays, and there was an issue I wanted to address while I was there. The specifics don’t matter, but I thought about it and thought about it … and then…

I like to (but choose not to) smoke pot

  • Paul Gerald
  • December 8, 2007
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For me to make real progress in this program, I had to realize that I wanted to smoke pot — was good at it, craved it, etc. — AND I wanted to quit. Both of those things are true. When I realized that, I was able to accept the fact that I was an addict,…


  • Paul Gerald
  • December 6, 2007
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Just posed this one on the Recovery Pipeline, where the topic this week is Anonymity — which, by the way, is as difficult to type as it is to say. I think one of the original reasons AA adopted this tradition was that a pretty famous person (a baseball player, I think) got sober and…

The Importance of Recovery Friends

  • Paul Gerald
  • December 5, 2007
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Friends were among the first gifts of the program for me. I came in lonely as well as depressed, sick, freaked out, etc. The first thing I saw was a room full of sober potheads. Their existence gave me hope, and I quickly figured out that I needed to hang out with them — in…