Updates to Breakfast in Bridgetown

Get your signed copy today!
Get your signed copy today!

Since the Portland breakfast world is ever-changing, I figured I’d better post updates to the book. So here goes. If you find more I should know about, get in touch.

Want to know what places have opened up since the current edition came out? Here are three great blogs to follow, since I have retired from the scene:


Eating my Way Thru Portland

Under the Table With Jen


Third Edition (2014) Updates

Alameda Cafe closed, then came back under new ownership.

Ataula stopped serving brunch

Beaterville closed.

Brasserie Montmartre closed … for the third time.

Bumblekiss is closed

Din Din is now only doing brunch on holidays and private parties.

H50 in the Hotel Fifty is now Bottle + Kitchen inside the Rose Hotel.

Mextiza closed

Muddy’s closed.

Old Wives Tales closed, as the book was being printed — keeping alive a long and unfortunate tradition.

Screen Door is now serving brunch daily!

Xico quit serving brunch


  • Brunch Box closed but still has their restaurant.
  • Blues City Biscuits closed.
  • Smaaken Waffles is now on SE 29th and Division.
  • FlavourSpot closed on Fremont but is still on Lombard.

I’m sure there’s more to say about carts moving, etc. Check FoodCartsPortland.com.

Second Edition (2011) Updates

Alameda Cafe changed owners, but apparently not much else.

Bakery Bar is now Kerns Kitchen, and fairly similar

Belly is closed and been replaced … a couple of times, I think.

Berlin Inn closed. We will survive.

Blue Hour quit doing brunch

Blue Pig Cafe moved to 20th and Hawthorne … and then closed.

Cafe Magnolia is closed

Chez Joly is closed — now catering and event space only

Cup and Saucer closed on N Mississippi Street only

Everett Street Bistro closed, with apparent prejudice.

Fenouil in the Pearl closed and is now Jamison, which also has brunch.

Hash in Sellwood closed

Industrial Cafe is now serving breakfast seven days a week.

Jade Lounge quit serving brunch

Johnny B’s closed.

Joe’s Cellar closed.

Lili Patisserie closed.

Limo quit doing brunch.

Morning Star Cafe closed

Niki’s has closed — just as the book came out. Much sadness. Memories here.

Paddy’s quit doing brunch

Pambiche gave up weekday breakfast. Now just weekends 8-2.

Pine State Biscuits closed their SE Belmont location but will soon open on Division.

Podnah’s Pit has moved to 1625 NE Killingsworth.

Rose’s on NW 23rd is closed.

Salty’s on the Columbia closed.

Sapphire Hotel gave up brunch.

Screen Door now takes reservations for groups of 6 or more, at 9 a.m.

Sweet Pea Baking is now doing breakfast every day but gave up their all-you-can-eat buffet

Three Square Grill closed.

Tosis closed.

Trebol quit doing brunch


For the Carts Section in the Back:

Bloop Oatmeal closed

Buddha Bites closed

Happy Grillmore moved off to Seattle

Moxie Rx, the food cart on N Mississippi, is closed.

Parkers Waffles closed both locations.

Ruby Dragon cart on N Mississippi closed

Wicked Waffles closed



First Edition (2008) Updates


Acadia is no longer serving brunch

Basta’s is no longer serving brunch

Biscuits closed their NE Sandy location and their NW 21st Ave. location.

Blossoming Lotus closed their Pearl location; the one in Irvington doesn’t do breakfast.

Country Cat Dinnerhouse now serves brunch daily, 9 to 2.

Daily Market and Cafe is now the New Deal Cafe, and they replaced the market with more seating.

Francis on Alberta closed.

Mississippi Station closed.

Pambiche is now serving breakfast 7 days a week!

Roux is closed. Long live Roux!

Skyline Restaurant now opens at 11 a.m. weekdays (no breakfast) and 8 on weekends (breakfast until 11 only).

Stepping Stone has expanded into the old barber shop next door

Virgo and Pisces closed.