About the Portland Breakfast Guidebook, Breakfast in Bridgetown

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Get your signed copy today!

Breakfast in Bridgetown is the definitive guide to Portland’s favorite meal.

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The third edition, written and published by Paul Gerald (as Bacon and Eggs Press) in late 2014, has 304 pages of information and stories that make up a breakfast tour of Portland. Features include:

  • 118 full-on breakfast restaurants
  • 17 food carts serving breakfast
  • Lists including veggie-friendly, kid-friendly, late-night, and outdoor seating
  • A section on gluten-free breakfast by food writer Martha Wagner.
  • The 10 best hashes in town, from the author of Hashcapades.
  • Another section on out-of-town spots.

For each restaurant in the main section, you’ll find out where they are, when they’re open, how long the wait is, and what kind of coffee they serve. And you’ll get a fun and informative description of what it’s like to eat there.

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