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Nov 28, 2012

Great New Book: Get Started Fly-Fishing!

A little break from Portland Hikes and whatnot, for a review of a book that would make a fine gift for somebody who might want to get into fly-fishing … Everybody who fishes can tell you who got them started. Often it was their dad, or an uncle, and in most cases more guides and […]

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Jun 12, 2012

What am I Supposed to Be Doing?

The Universe tends to sling the same message at me, over and over, from every possible angle, until I get it. Lately, the message has come in a professional context, about how to earn a living from meaningful and satisfying work, from folks like Chris Guillebeau: The key is that you can’t be passionate about […]

Jun 09, 2012

Crazy Dream

Inspired, in part, by this interesting post on an otherwise kinda goofy site. I think what really drives all this frustration for me is the knowledge, deep down, that I am cluttering up my life with tasks and chores and ideals that don’t come from the Source. I keep hearing “Do what’s given you to do, […]

Mar 08, 2012

The Glories of Authorship

A friend who might be getting a book deal asked me about “the numbers,” and here’s my response. This is to explain why, even with four books in print right now, I drive a 20-year-old car and live in a tiny studio, from which I work at two jobs. —– Good to hear from you, […]

Jan 13, 2012

Mini Sledgehammer Writing Contest

The other night I tried something new: I went to a writing contest. It’s called Mini Sledgehammer, and the idea is you meet at a wine bar and you get 36 minutes and four writing prompts, then you write a story. (There is a regular Sledgehammer with 36 hours to write.) Normally, we would then […]

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Jan 07, 2012

Dig the New Site?

Please let me know what you think. I probably tried to put too much on, but for now I’m just pushing buttons in WordPress and seeing what they do. The goal is ultimately to create one site where all my doings are gathered. My kingdom in a page, in other words.

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Dec 16, 2011

Why There’s No Christmas Card in 2011

I’ve been sending out Christmas cards since 1988, and this year it’s not happening. Since I’m a little “in my head” about it, and since I attach some significance to this tradition, and since a lot of people say they look forward to it every year, I feel the need to explain myself — even if nobody feels the need to hear it.

The short answer is I just didn’t get my shit together, didn’t get a picture I felt great about, and now that it’s December I don’t want to rush it, to put in all the time and effort and cost to send out 150 cards that I don’t feel that great about, just to keep a tradition going. So I’m taking a year off.


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