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Cherry blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC
Apr 17, 2014

English Soccer Tour: That “Back on the Road” Feeling

What is that feeling of arriving in a foreign place? It’s excitement, touched with fear, but anticipation through and through. It’s giddy, it’s happy, and it’s freeing. Whatever was back there is just … back there. Left. Escaped? Avoided? Maybe, but not here anyway. That “back on the road feeling” comes when the last home […]

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Sep 06, 2013

Chalupas and Trail Blazers: A Brief Memoir

I read this morning that fans will no longer get a free Chalupa when the Blazers score 100 points in a home game. I really don’t care about the Blazers or Chalupas (though I confess a weird weak spot for those new tacos with Doritos shells), but this does remind me of a story. When […]

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table rock hike oregon
May 20, 2013

Upcoming Talks and Hikes: May/June 2013

Well, I am off the road again, having just returned from the latest hiking in Tuscany trip, and it’s time to think like a hiker and breakfast guy, and author and publisher, again. I’ll be getting back into the new breakfast book this week, but first, it’s time to get out there and do some […]

wc tasting
Jan 23, 2013

Let’s All Support this Cool Guidebook for Affordable Wine

My good friend Jeff Siegel, aka the Wine Curmudgeon, is a nationally known wine blogger whose motto is “common sense talk about drinking, buying and enjoying wine.” He asks questions like “Is $100 wine 10 times better than $10 wine?” From his website: Jeff Siegel, the Wine Curmudgeon, is a nationally known wine writer whose […]

Portland Breakfast
Jan 10, 2013

Latest Breakfast Bulletin

Every now and then I manage to squeeze out a newsletter called the Breakfast Bulletin. It’s not really all about breakfast anymore, but it’s a semi catchy name. The latest issue, January 2013, is out now, with breakfast news and reviews, a list of upcoming events, and a way for you to win either a prize […]

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