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Nov 30, 2014

On Momentum and Doing the Simple Things

See if this sounds familiar: I am sitting here thinking of this really big, important, kind of overwhelming, scary, exciting thing I’m supposed to be doing … and I’m deciding to do something else. In my case, the big thing is a book proposal for an agent who asked to see it. This is like […]

Nov 22, 2014

Portlandia’s Brunch Village Episode: Where Did They Film It?

ith Portlandia’s “Brunch Village” episode getting so much attention in town, and me being the Portland Breakfast Guy and all, I figured I’d spend some time trying to figure where they filmed it all. First, here’s a little preview of the episode: I tried to do screenshots from iTunes — hey, at least I paid for […]

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Nov 20, 2014

Sckavone’s: The Portland Brunch Almost Nobody Knows About

ne thing about going to so many breakfasts is that after a while, I start to forget what places are like — or even forget them completely. For example, it occasionally pops into my head that I had a couple of good brunches at Sckavone’s in Southeast Portland. I sometimes remember to mention it when […]

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Nov 16, 2014

Portland’s Beautiful Marquam Mosaic

As it’s explained at the website for the Friends of Marquam Nature Park:

The Marquam Mosaic was created as a participatory public art project led by renowned Portland artist Lynn Takata that involved children, families and adults in making a 100′ long mosaic for the Marquam Nature Park amphitheater. The public was invited to create ceramic and mosaic art and poetry based on the native flora and fauna of Marquam Nature Park.

It’s an utterly charming thing, well-made and professional but retaining little-kid charm. And there’s really nothing much to add, except that the hike to Council Crest, which starts there, is good any time of year.

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What are you up to in there?
Nov 16, 2014

On Motivations, and Honesty With Self

The other day I was headed into a conversation with a friend, when I caught myself getting excited about one particular thing we might be talking about: drama involving other people. Basically, this friend of mine is involved in a situation which I have avoided because of its high potential for drama, but then I […]

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Jam on Hawthorne
Nov 15, 2014

Portland Breakfast: Jam on Hawthorne Grows Up

t’s been a while since I’ve been to Jam on Hawthorne, which over the years has grown into one of the more popular Portland breakfast places. I remembered it, from when I was researching the first edition of Breakfast in Bridgetown, as a cute little place with homemade jams and awesome lemon-ricotta pancakes. But the truth […]

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Overreaction? Sure. Doesn't mean it's uncommon.
Nov 09, 2014

Thoughts On Catastrophizing

One of the amazing things about how my mind works, or doesn’t, is its ability to catastrophize. I don’t know how common that word is outside of recovery circles, so I’ll explain briefly. This month I had a $150 expense which I forgot to account for, so a couple days ago when I thought I […]

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Nov 03, 2014

A Defining Portland Brunch: The Screen Door

olks have often said that in Portland, we don’t go to church, we go to brunch. And if, indeed, the Portland brunch scene is a religious one, then the Screen Door has to be considered one of the holy of holies. This past weekend, the Breakfast Crew and I went to worship. But it started […]

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