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I am the author of several books on hiking, camping, eating breakfast and chilling out. I am also a freelance travel writer, publisher, hiker, and inveterate traveler.
Jan 07, 2012

Dig the New Site?

Please let me know what you think. I probably tried to put too much on, but for now I’m just pushing buttons in WordPress and seeing what they do. The goal is ultimately to create one site where all my doings are gathered. My kingdom in a page, in other words.

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Dec 30, 2011

Loving the Layers of London

I still do the occasional travel piece for the Memphis Flyer, and one of them ran this week. It’s called the Layers of London, and it’s about finding a little treasure of a church in the old city. Enjoy.

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Dec 16, 2011

Why There’s No Christmas Card in 2011

I’ve been sending out Christmas cards since 1988, and this year it’s not happening. Since I’m a little “in my head” about it, and since I attach some significance to this tradition, and since a lot of people say they look forward to it every year, I feel the need to explain myself — even if nobody feels the need to hear it.

The short answer is I just didn’t get my shit together, didn’t get a picture I felt great about, and now that it’s December I don’t want to rush it, to put in all the time and effort and cost to send out 150 cards that I don’t feel that great about, just to keep a tradition going. So I’m taking a year off.


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Dec 14, 2011

How to Entertain an 11-Year-Old

I put up a post on Facebook that got a lot of interest andresponses. And somebody suggested I compile the comments into a list. Thequestion was, “How do you entertain a bored 11-year-old?”

I have a “little” with Big Brothers Big Sisters, andsometimes we (I) run out of ideas. My Facebook friends came through in style,and Roman has come up with some winners, as well.


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Sep 26, 2011

More Trails and Tables of Tuscany

In April/May 2013, I will be leading a fabulous trip to Tuscany for the Mazamas, a Portland-based hiking club. It’s a combination of hiking, food and wine, and local culture and history.

To find out more about Mazamas Outings in general, and get the forms you need to apply for the trip, visit the Outings website. To read an article I wrote about hiking in Tuscany, click here. For an example of the way we’ll be eating, click here. For an introduction to our Tuscan guide, click here. And for a light-hearted take on Tuscan Time, click here.


Sep 09, 2011

New Project: Peaceful Places in Portland

I have started on a new book called Peaceful Places in Portland, to be released in the fall of 2012 by Menasha Ridge Press. For an example of what it’s all about, check out their Peaceful Places in New York book.

And so now I have a blog, where I will share some of my discoveries as I work on the book — and also seek your suggestions. Check it out over at PeacefulPortland.com. There’s even a Facebook page for the book. And for my own little intro to what it’s all about, read the first blog post, called “What is ‘Peaceful Places in Portland?‘ “

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